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Our Services

“Prior to the Sale you are a customer, after the Sale we should become co-operators” IDA Control Automation Robotics offers its customers: 1. Full turn-key installation of our machines, 2. Personnel Training, 3. Full Repair (Mechanics, Electronics, Software), 4. Preventive Maintenance Programmes (PMProgrammes), 5. Refurbishing, upgrading and retrofitting of older machines 1.     ...

Preventive Maintenance Programme (P.M.P.)

You should never allow your machines to be in a position to decide when to stop your Production. You should be the only one to decide when your Production stops. It is very common for metal cutting machine owners to try and make the highest profit possible at minimal expense. We wish them luck, but the truth is that these machines operate under harsh, aggravating conditions: heavy loads, accidental bumps, high temperatures, high     ...

Which cutting technology is best for me?

   Flame cutting, plasma cutting or laser cutting? Which technology is best? Let us rephrase the question, because technology suitability regardless our specific needs does nor really make much sense. The right question to ask is: Which cutting technology is most suitable for me?    Now we can address the issue examining the parametres involved in each specific case. The more we think about it, the more complex the     ...

High Definition Plasma

Manufacturers of Plasma Cutting machines, developing and refining the technologies related to it, have presented, in the last decade, high definition Plasma Cutting Machines. High Definition Plasma cutting offers important advantages compared to the conventional technology. The advantages in question are: 1. Great improvement as far as cut “verticality” is concerned, with more “square” cuts. 2. Cutting     ...

Plasma Cutting Consumables: How to get the best out of them

Some parts of your plasma cutting machine wear out with usage and need to be replaced; for this reason they are called consumables. The more you know about cutting, the longer the life of your machine consumables. Any tool calls for an experienced user to deliver satisfactory quantity and quality of work. Plasma cutting machines make no exception; not only do they deliver low quality results, they also tend to suffer more damage when they are     ...

Arc Welding and Cutting Safety Precautions and Warnings

Dear Co-operators We address this paper to Cutting and Welding Machine Operators: It includes some Safety Basics of utmost importance for our own safety, the safety of our workmates and the good performance of our Arc Welding and Cutting Machines. Please pay particular attention to any CAUTION or WARNING Notes included in this Support document. CAUTION indicates possible equipment damage. WARNING indicates possible hazard to life. ARC     ...

The Hows and Whys of Electrode Wear and lessons we can get to help improve system performance

Electrode Wear in Air & Oxygen Plasma Electrodes for high power plasma cutting systems are highly engineered consumable parts, similar in design, material, and function to an automotive spark plug. Like spark plugs, electrodes emit high voltage electricity in a very hot environment. The materials must withstand plasma temperature arc emissions, endure swirling high velocity gas jets, and provide a hermetic seal to high-pressure gases     ...





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